page pack by yifan
includes about page, tag page and redirect page

"My mother told me that my fingertips are long enough touch the moon, but soft enough to catch the stardust."

page 2
dreaming: preview / code

about page
includes title
500x220px header image
3 custom links
bio section

page 3
strange: preview / code

tag page
includes title
3 custom links
3 columns 
5 links per category 

page 4
trees: preview / code

redirect page
100x100px image
old url title
new url link and title

google fonts



Theme 4

live preview and code (preview 2)

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  • 250px, 400px, or 500px posts
  • 1 column (250px, 400px, 500px), 2 column (250px ,400px, 500px), and 3 column (250px)
  • Up to 6 customizable links
  • Description appears when you click the ‘desc’ button
  • Shake effect when you hover over the navigation links (optional)
  • Makes a sound when you click the navigation links (optional)
  • Custom follow buttons (optional)
  • Music player (optional)
  • Fading posts (optional)

If you are going to use my theme, follow the terms of use (they can be viewed on my blog by clicking ‘links’ and then ‘themes’).

Please message me if you find any bugs or if you need help with customization (anything small is fine)!

Also—huge inspiration from tomkirk and ladmilk and here is where the shake effect thing came from



redux edit #2: amateur astronomy - preview // code

i’ve been using this theme for a while now and i kinda just felt like cleaning it up a bit and posting it. it’s pretty simple though. please message me if you find anything wrong so i can fix it asap. here ya go i guess??

  • 6 custom links
  • 250px, 300px, and 400px posts
  • solid and gradient background
  • text, links, permalink, and scrollbar colors
  • position the posts and sidebar

please don’t remove theme credit or claim code as your own.